Curious what the world’s student and talent hotspots in the field of integrated photonics are? Or what country holds the most PIC patents? Or want to design new educational programs based on the gap between what skills are asked for in vacancies and what education already exists? Click through our talent dashboard and learn the answers to your questions!

Why this initiative?

At PhotonDelta we continuously curate and create pivotal talent market data together with specialist partners to base our strategic initiatives on. You can use our talent market data and research outcomes as a starting point or verification for your efforts in attracting talent to your company or in educating them.

What entails this initiative?

Together with experienced data analytics partners we investigate several research questions that help us to define our target groups and what strategic initiatives need to be developed to attract and educate them. We share the data with the ecosystem to use for their own initiatives.

How can you collaborate?

Have a look at the talent dashboard to find the latest talent data in the field of integrated photonics. We also invite you to share any data requests or research questions that are relevant for the ecosystem by sending an email to

View the talent dashboard