Let’s make children enthusiastic about technology, develop a new integrated photonics master for students or reskill experienced talent to move to the PIC industry!

Why this initiative?

To be able to grow the integrated photonics industry, we need all kinds of talent with different educational backgrounds, levels of experience, and educational levels. This entails the development of programs for students and reskilling experienced talent. In addition to that, we aim to initiate the first vocational (MBO) projects and start broadening the talent pool, being already at the primary education level.  

What entails this initiative?

Through this initiative we support existing or co-develop new educational programs together with educational institutions to ensure continuous education to establish a highly skilled workforce.

How to apply?

Currently we’re working on a few initiatives, such as the national MasterPlus program Optics & Photonics at TU Eindhoven, TU Twente and TU Delft. We aim to set-up initiatives for all educational levels so we’re still looking for more partners.

Do you work for an educational institution that wants to collaborate with us to develop new educational programs in the field of integrated photonics? Contact Evi Somers, Programme Director Human Capital at PhotonDelta, via +31 (0) 85 112 43 37 or send an e-mail to humancapital@photondelta.com.

If you work for an organization in the field of integrated photonics and you want to discuss a gap in the current educational offering please reach out to us as well.