The PhotonDelta sponsor programme for study associations is an initiative aimed at attracting and retaining talent for the photonic chip industry. As a key component of the PhotonDelta Dutch National Growth Fund programme, our goal is to strengthen and expand the country’s leadership in integrated photonics. What better way to start this amongst the bright minds that come together to learn from each other in study associations?

Why this initiative?

PhotonDelta is committed to strengthen study associations in Photonics, Physics, and Electrical Engineering. We aim to enhance awareness of career opportunities in integrated photonics, promote knowledge sharing, and build a strong community. By empowering selected study associations, we contribute to the broader goal of bridging the gap between the current talent pool and the future needs of the integrated photonics industry.

What entails this initiative?

Study associations can request funding for various activities, including knowledge sessions, networking events, and exchange visits. Associations are eligible for funding up to €4,000 per year, excluding exchange visits. The submission and selection process involve submitting a detailed proposal outlining event objectives, budget breakdown, and expected outcomes.

How to apply?

Study associations interested in funding should submit a detailed proposal to The proposal must include an annual plan with event objectives, target audience, agenda, budget breakdown, and expected outcomes. Please download the Sponsor Programme Guidelines for comprehensive information on eligibility requirements and detailed guidelines for crafting your proposal.

Do you have any questions? Contact Suzanne van Grootel, Project Manager Talent Attraction & Engagement at PhotonDelta via +31 (0) 85 112 43 37 or

Disclaimer: Funding decisions are at the sole discretion of PhotonDelta. PhotonDelta reserves the right to adjust funding conditions or may decide not to fund requests after considering the proposal.