Mission of the Human Capital programme

To grow the maturity of the PhotonDelta ecosystem talent is a crucial factor. Our mission is to bridge the gap between today and tomorrow’s talent and the needs of the integrated photonics industry.

Our programme objectives

  • Increasing the attractiveness of a career in integrated photonics
  • Expanding the quality and size of the integrated photonics talent pool

What the programme does

Increase attractiveness

Given the novelty of integrated photonics, increasing attractiveness of a career in the photonic chip industry is essential. We will do this by creating a strong industry brand, increasing awareness among students throughout educational levels (MBO, HBO, WO), building a community of photonic chip enthusiasts and marketing activities to attract (inter)national talent. Join our initiatives to tell the story of what makes working in the PIC industry so great.

Expanding quality & size

To be able to grow the integrated photonics industry, we need all kinds of talent with different educational backgrounds and levels of experience. We support educational institutions and training providers to ensure that everyone can be educated, whether through full study programs or short reskilling courses. Join us in developing the future workforce through summer schools, challenge-based learning, specialised master programs, hackathons, online trainings, and other initiatives.

Our approach to work together

As industry expert, we curate and create pivotal talent market data that we base our strategic initiatives on. Serving as a vital connector within our ecosystem, we facilitate collaboration among companies, research institutes, educational institutions and ourselves. Through strategic investments, we aim to be an accelerator for scalable initiatives creating a ripple effect in attracting and retaining talent.

Let’s join forces!

Do you want to collaborate with us to shape the future of the photonic microchip industry? Reach out, and let’s discuss how we can increase the attractiveness of the industry, establish continuous education and build a vibrant talent community for our fast-growing industry.

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