In 2024, our first step is to collaboratively build a distinctive industry brand with our ecosystem partners. Guided by a strategic employer branding agency, this brand will define the unique narrative of a career in integrated photonics, setting us apart in the competitive tech landscape.

Why this initiative?

Given the newness and unfamiliarity of the integrated photonics industry for most talent, we believe a strong value proposition and industry brand will resonate with potential candidates, distinguishing the industry from other industries in the competitive tech landscape. This talent brand, separate from the PhotonDelta brand, should tell the story of what an attractive career in the industry is like.

The brand serves as the cornerstone of our efforts to attract top-tier talent to the dynamic field of photonic chips. It is not merely an essential part but rather the very foundation upon which PhotonDelta partners will build their success in recruiting the brightest minds.

What entails this initiative?

The brand concept will be created strategically with an expert partner in employer branding. In this trajectory, the expert partner will involve you, will dive deeper into the target audience, and together we will define the desired image and positioning of our industry.

Based on the brand concept, we will also create a website that will serve as a central hub for all talent-related activities. The talent website will be the landing page for everything that talent needs to know: what studies they can choose in the field of (integrated) photonics, career possibilities, testimonials of talent that already has a career in the industry, events, and more. This means the website will also host a job board on which all vacancies in the industry can be found, without this requiring any effort for partners. 

How to join?

As we embark on this initiative, we invite partners to be part of the co-creation process. Together, let’s shape the narrative of integrated photonics careers and build a dynamic community that propels the industry forward.

Do you want to join or have questions? Contact Suzanne van Grootel, Project Manager Talent Attraction & Engagement at PhotonDelta via +31 (0) 85 112 43 37 or

Stay tuned for updates and get ready to explore the world of integrated photonics on our upcoming talent website.