ITF Photonics USA


Held in the Hilton Bayfront, San Diego, USA on the eve of OFC 2024, the Imec Technology Forum (ITF) presents insights on the rapidly evolving R&D and innovations in integrated photonics. ITF Photonics USA brings together industry experts, academia, business leaders, and researchers from the global tech scene.


  • imec’s photonics technology update 
  • A panel debate on ‘Bridging the gap between technology and manufacturing: challenges and opportunities’ 
  • Customer testimonials by Google, Xanadu, and Nubis Communications 
  • A reception & walking dinner. 


  • Philippe Absil, imec
  • Dan Harding, Nubis Communications
  • Hong Liu, Google
  • Katrien Marent, imec
  • Andrew McKee, Sivers Photonics
  • Jose Pozo, Optica
  • Philippe Sousan, imec
  • Patrick Vandenameele, imec

For more information, go to the ITF USA website.