Lower Energy Acceleration Program (LEAP) presents trends and scenarios

27 September 2021

Our lifestyle has evolved virtually over the last decade, causing an exponential surge in data consumption. High bandwidth data transfers, affordable data plans, cloud migrations and the increasing popularity of streaming services are all contributing to this trend.

Digital infrastructure

This ever-increasing need for data is pushing the boundaries of the infrastructure we have in place and raises concerns about the enormous amount of energy required. Experts agree we need to speed up the transition to a sustainable digital infrastructure, requiring us to leverage new innovative solutions that allow us to communicate more data at higher speeds while using less energy.

Lower Energy Acceleration Program (LEAP)

Integrated photonics is considered a key enabling technology in this domain, opening up new perspectives to sustainable datacenters. That is why PhotonDelta, together with the Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam, has taken the lead in the Lower Energy Acceleration Program (LEAP), aiming to accelerate the transition to a sustainable digital infrastructure.

This project is in collaboration with the Amsterdam Economic Board and involves over 40 stakeholders from the data center world: end-users, governments, hardware suppliers and data centers.

The most important solutions and challenges are presented in a short article as well as a scientific paper and can be accessed below.

Interested to find out more? Feel free to get in touch with our colleague Carol de Vries, who was coordinating the project on behalf of PhotonDelta.