Dutch Consortium Invests €3.5 Million in LioniX International

09 January 2023

Enschede, the Netherlands – A Dutch consortium led by Invest-NL and, and further consisting of Universiteit Twente Holding, Oost NL and PhotonDelta, invests €3.5 million in the growth ambitions of LioniX International, an Enschede based global leader in customized microsystem and photonics solutions. The consortium sees her investment in LioniX International as an illustration of its strong commitment to further strengthening the Dutch Integrated Photonics and Deep Tech ecosystems in particular.

LioniX International is at the forefront of designing and producing groundbreaking customized microsystems, photonics, sensing, and microelectromechanical systems (MEMS). The company has developed a leading integrated photonics technology platform (TriPleX®) that enables the development of applications ranging from AR/VR, (bio)sensing and telecom to photonic quantum computing. Its cutting-edge solutions are critical for the advancement of technologies for a range of industries, including healthcare, aerospace, defense, and telecommunications.

As a vertically integrated key player within the Dutch Deep Tech ecosystem the company offers full module development and production for its OEM customers with services like microfabrication, packaging and assembly, prototyping, testing and characterization, and engineering design. This module development is based on an extensive library of validated building blocks from which customized modules are built.

“We are extremely happy to announce this investment in LioniX International together with these leading Dutch shareholders” said LioniX International CEO Arne Leinse. “This set of investors enables further growth for LioniX International towards the future. We are excited to continue developing and delivering cutting-edge microsystem solutions to our current, and new clients around the globe.”

This investment is an exciting step forward for both LioniX International and the Dutch tech industry as a whole. It fits perfectly with the ambitions of our Deep Tech Fund which aims to invest in knowledge intensive start- and scaleups that have the potential to bring innovation in the Netherlands to the next level,” added Leo Holwerda, director Capital at Invest-NL.

Paul Pruijmboom, General Partner at, said, “LioniX has developed a technology that is a leader in the field of Photonics with numerous potential applications. As a high-quality Dutch deeptech company, LioniX exemplifies the innovative potential of the Netherlands, and we are delighted to be a part of the company’s future success.”

Ewit Roos, CEO at PhotonDelta: “LioniX International plays an important role in the PhotonDelta ecosystem, as they produce photonic chips based on Silicon Nitride, a technology that allows for the creation of innovative devices such as quantum computers and biosensors. By investing in LioniX International, we take a next step in accelerating the photonic chip industry while reinforcing the position of the Netherlands as a leader in the field.”

The Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy of the Netherlands and Invest-NL have launched their Deep Tech Fund (DTF) earlier in 2022. The DTF wants to invest in companies with innovative, complex technologies like LioniX. These investments are crucial for the future of the Dutch economy and more specific contribute to the aim to strengthen knowledge and innovation within the Netherlands and European Union. In a very competitive global market it is more important than ever before to build a strong and leading Deep Tech ecosystem.

About LioniX International

LioniX International is a technology company that specializes in the design and production of customized microsystem solutions for OEMs and system integrators. From design to fully assembled modules, by vertical integration and in scalable production volumes. The core technology is in integrated photonics with the proprietary TriPleX® platform. The company provides custom solutions, product development services and production for a range of industries, including healthcare, aerospace, defense, and telecommunications.

About Invest-NL

Invest-NL is the National Financing and Development Institution of the Netherlands that, as an impact investor, focusses on making financeable what doesn’t seem to be financeable. Together with other financers, investors and development specialists – both private and public – Invest-NL’s primary attention is on the larger societal challenges like the transition to a carbon neutral and circular economy, affordable and accessible healthcare, and deep tech.

About is a venture capital fund focused on high-tech hardware start-ups and scale-ups. manages 200 million euros across multiple funds, with investments in robotics, semiconductors, photonics, sensors, virtual/augmented reality, biomanufacturing and other hardware technologies. With a team of financial professionals and technology entrepreneurs, actively supports their portfolio companies to achieve their goals and ambitions.

About PhotonDelta

PhotonDelta is an ecosystem that researches, designs, develops, and manufactures solutions with integrated photonics technology. Connecting pioneers in the field with investors, and viable markets, PhotonDelta helps to take the industry forward with funding, investments and R&D roadmaps. PhotonDelta is located in the Netherlands but connects and collaborates around the world.