Aircision and EFFECT Photonics to Jointly Develop Coherent Technology for Free Space Optics

09 March 2022

Eindhoven, The Netherlands – Together, Aircision and EFFECT Photonics are looking to push the boundaries of ground-to-ground FSO technology by combining the advantages of integrated and free space photonics.

Aircision builds high capacity free space optics (FSO) systems that can be deployed fast, cover long distances and are highly secure. In December 2021, Aircision successfully demonstrated the capabilities of their first 10 Gbps FSO system. EFFECT Photonics is a leading transceiver vendor and able to deliver the flexible, pluggable optical transceiver that is a key component of Aircision FSO system.

We were impressed with the capabilities of the EFFECT Photonics 10G SFP+ devices that we tested. It was an easy decision to involve them in our development plans for our next generation 100 Gbps coherent transmission systems” said Luis Oliveira (CEO and co-founder at Aircision).

New technologies emerge every day and our digital society will keep evolving. To keep up with the ever-growing demand for bandwidth across larger distances, Aircision is developing a 100 Gbps coherent free space optics system capable of transmitting up to 10km. 

Joost Verberk, Director of Product Management at EFFECT Photonics, “As we look to applications outside of pure fiber-based communications, we liked the market use cases Aircision presented as well as the market traction they already have. Our roadmaps follow a similar course making a joint development program an interesting option for EFFECT Photonics.

Both Aircision and EFFECT Photonics are part of the PhotonDelta eco-system, a platform which is in place to accelerate developments such as this and reduce the time-to-market of new applications.