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We are a growing network of investors, tech companies and end-users who form a community of innovative enterprises and manufacturers of photonics technology.

Who we work with

  • Tech developers of photonic chip solutions.
  • Investors in integrated photonics technology.
  • Users of photonic chips and products.
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Who we work with

Tech developers

Our ecosystem contains a broad funding network, from private co-investors to EU subsidies (as well as our own fund), for startups and existing businesses that innovate or manufacture photonic technology. Alongside startups, incubator and venture building programs, it offers industry networking opportunities, together with state-of-the-art facilities for prototyping and development.

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Our ecosystem shapes the future of the industry through strategic investment in businesses which are collaborating to accelerate the growth of integrated photonics technology. Through distributed risk, deep market intelligence, and industry expertise, we create early-investment opportunities with emerging PIC businesses. Investment in our collaborative supply chain creates a catalysing effect from which everyone benefits.

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Our ecosystem contains manufacturers and business leaders looking to leverage the potential of integrated photonics technology, connecting them to relevant members of the supply chain. It provides strategic industry-specific guidance through the creation of application roadmaps which unite academics and companies with a specific market vision.

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  • Data & Telecom
  • Medical & Healthcare
  • Engineering & Transport
  • Food & Agriculture
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