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Vacancy: Internship Ecosystem monitoring Integrated photonics

16 October 2020

PhotonDelta, the Brabant Development Agency (BOM), and Brainport Development are looking for an intern / graduate Ecosystem Monitoring Integrated Photonics (32 hours).

We are looking for an enthusiastic and enterprising student who is keen on doing a internship or do a graduation assignment within the network of PhotonDelta, the BOM, and Brainport Development. Are you following a course in (International / Technical) Business Administration, Organization Studies, Entrepreneurship and Business Information, Industrial Engineering and Management, Management Society & Technology or Public Administration and are you looking for a challenging assignment with room for your own input? 

As an intern you will be involved in, among other things, identifying and prioritizing the most promising companies in to incorporate as a customer or as innovation partner within the Dutch Integrated Photonics ecosystem. You will also develop an instrument to monitor growth and developments within the ecosystem. You will work together with a student in the east of the Netherlands to get a total picture of the Dutch ecosystem. 


In December 2018, the PhotonDelta foundation was established, to which BOM and Brainport Development are a covenant partner. PhotonDelta is a growth accelerator for the Dutch integrated photonic sector with the mission to realize a € 1 billion industry and 4,000 FTEs in The Netherlands by 2026. 

To this end and in order to grow, we require a broader view on the landscape or funnel of promising new customers and collaborations, which are seeking solutions based on the unique capabilities of our Dutch integrated photonic sector. PhotonDelta has identified four key markets whereby their markets need fit the USP of Integrated Photonics best. These being, Datacom and Telecom, Medical Devices and Life Sciences, Infrastructure & Transportation plus Food and Agriculture1. Furthermore, companies within these markets who currently produce discreet photonic applications have a high likelihood eventually move towards integrated photonic applications. The further creation of broader view plus the monitoring and analyze within this framework ensures that BOM, Brainport Development and PhotonDelta guide companies and, if possible, help them with new projects, customers and investors. 

The BOM 
The BOM is working on a sustainable Brabant Economy where the realization of social impact is paramount. We also help to further strengthen the (international) competitive position of companies in various sectors such as agri-food, life science and the high-tech manufacturing industry. We do this through ecosystem development, business development, knowledge and innovation processes, internationalization and start-up programs with guidance.

Brainport Development
Brainport Development works closely with the business community, knowledge institutions and governments on the strong and sustainable economic region Brainport Eindhoven. We help with this by connecting organizations, companies and talents and accelerating new innovations. We also show the world how special our region is through international promotion.


PhotonDelta is a growth accelerator for the Dutch integrated photonic sector with the mission to realize a € 1 billion industry in The Netherlands by 2026. To realize this goal, a team of experts actively supports its partners with strategic investments, knowledge and network, resulting in an acceleration of the development and manufacturing of integrated photonics solutions through innovation, reducing time-to-market, and creating economy of scale. 

Over the past few years, PhotonDelta has invested considerable amounts of capital and energy into organizing and financing the core of the Dutch integrated photonics supply-chain. A number of start-ups have transformed into mature companies, each with their own distinctive technological propositions, setting the foundation of a strong Dutch supply chain that is able to design, manufacture, package and test high quality integrated photonic solutions based on InP as well as TriPleX (SiN) technology, making The Netherlands the obvious choice for companies that are looking to innovate with integrated photonics. 

Besides supporting SMEs and enterprises that are looking to innovate their products with integrated photonics, PhotonDelta is also actively involved in the startup scene. Through its Startup Studio programme, which is planned to be launched in Q4 2020 / Q1 2021, PhotonDelta gives startups the opportunity to join its ecosystem and benefit from different services, such as seed and growth capital, access to IP libraries and building blocks, human capital and recruitment services, infrastructure, and more. 

What is (integrated) photonics?

Photonics is technology that focuses on the generation, transport, processing and detection of light, or photons. This technique includes screens, lighting, lasers, solar cells, sensors and fiber optic networks. 

The Netherlands is taking the lead worldwide in the essential steps in the development and production of chips that work on the basis of photons instead of electrons. We call this integrated photonics. This technique is concerned with coupling light into, for example, a chip and exploiting the power of this light in order to be able to perform various tasks with it. 

These chip techniques will play an important role in data communication, healthcare, sustainability, mobility, security and agriculture, among other things. In the future, this will allow data centers to work faster with lower energy consumption, and biosensors can become even more sensitive while being easier to integrate into a small and handy system. An estimated 300 companies in the Netherlands are active in the field of photonics. The integrated photonics ecosystem is smaller and still developing. 

What are you going to do?

The assignment: 

1. You will perform a substantive analysis of the development of the different (none integrated) photonics companies and ecosystems in the Netherlands and North West Europe. 

2. You do the same for the landscape of perform a substantive analysis of the integrated photonics start-ups or spins-offs in the Netherlands and North West Europe. 

3. Based on analysis you will map the entire landscape within our focal areas (Datacom and Telecom, Medical Devices and Life Sciences, Infrastructure & Transportation plus Food and Agriculture). 

4. To monitor, you will develop a monitoring tool using Business Intelligence tools (such as Tableau or PowerBI), which can display detailed and easy-to-read graphical visualizations. 

5. Hereafter you will do a more qualitative (deep) analysis within on one specific focal, look at regional trends and developments and investigate what may or may not be the main drivers, metrics and specific requirement of this segment to use / move towards our integrated photonics ecosystem. 

Point 1 to 2 will be done in collaboration with college graduate students. 

In parallel you will closely collaborate with the Business Developers from the various organizations (BOM, Brainport & PhotonDelta) and with external bodies such as the regional development company in East Netherlands (OostNL). You will visit various companies that will help you obtain information. During this period you will be actively guided by PhotonDelta and supported by a contact person from Brainport Development and BOM. 

Ultimately, you bring the two components together in a final report with practical recommendations for PhotonDelta, the BOM, and Brainport Development. 

Who are we looking for and what do we offer?

We are looking for a graduate student who is willing to: 

• roll up his sleeves and take initiative 
• has excellent communication and IT skills 
• Is interested in the photonics / semiconductor industry 
• Has sufficient technological knowledge 

You will join a varied team of Program Managers and Business Developers who will offer you good guidance in all areas of knowledge. 

We offer a (internship) place for 6 months, but alternatives are negotiable. The start date is in consultation and the number of hours per week is 32 hours. Of course, you will also receive a standard internship fee per month. Your location is in principle at PhotonDelta in Eindhoven (High Tech Campus), but you will also regularly be at the office at the BOM in Tilburg and Brainport Development in Eindhoven (Strijp). In addition, you will occasionally visit external organizations and companies. In connection with corona, you may work digitally from home more often. 

Would you like more information?

If you have any questions, you can contact Joachim de Sterke via mail: The interview will take place with you, your internship supervisor from PhotonDelta and a representative from BOM and / or Brainport Development.


Are you interested? Then we cordially invite you to respond. You can send your CV and motivation letter to


High Tech Campus 41
5656 AE Eindhoven
The Netherlands


+31 (0)85 112 43 37

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