Ultra- narrow linewidth integrated CW tunable laser at 1310nm

13 December 2023

LioniX International recently introduced a new high-precision integrated tunable laser that operates at 1310 nm in the O-band, targeting high growth applications across optical communications and optical sensing sectors. The collaboration between LioniX, Sivers Photonics, and Chilas has given rise to this laser, hot off the lab bench and ready to redefine industry standards.

“The two technology platforms of LioniX International and Sivers complement each other creating ultra narrow linewidth lasers with unprecedented performance. This collaboration between Sivers, LioniX and the end user Chilas is a great example of how the ecosystem can work together to create new applications in this wavelength domain” says Arne Leinse, CEO of LioniX International.

On the left: the fully assembled and wire-bonded laser module in a 14-pin butterfly package.
On the right: The power generated by the laser over its wavelength range when tuned to 1307 nm.

Powerful and efficient

During the null series testing, this continuous wave laser showed an impressive tuning range of 25 nm, spanning from 1298 nm to 1325 nm, achieving a maximum output of 2.5 dBm at 240 mA. Its sidemode suppression ratio was measured at 40 dB, a standard in LioniX’ range of tunable lasers. The spot size converters implemented on the waveguides ensure that the interfaces preserve the low losses of the silicon nitride platform, whether chip-to-chip or chip-to-fiber.

The semiconductor amplifier, developed by Sivers Photonics, delivers an efficient electrical pump in an an 800 μm long chip. The silicon nitride laser mirror chip utilises LioniX’s proprietary TriPleX® waveguide technology to establish a high-Q external cavity. Equipped with micro-ring resonators and tuners for phase and wavelength adjustments, all driven by integrated heaters without additional optical losses.

Robust packaging

The laser comes in a 14-pin butterfly package with a TEC for long-term operational stability. LioniX International provides a feature-complete laser driver box, developed in-house, for immediate characterisation and testing. To enable users to fully leverage integrated photonics advantages, LioniX also offers design and fabrication services for a complete photonic integrated circuit (PIC) on the same external cavity chip. The laser photonic IC can be customised to include various functionalities such as filters, switches, delay lines, and sensing windows tailored for unique applications.