SuperLight Photonics Unveils World’s First Portable Wideband Laser at SPIE Photonics West

24 January 2024

SuperLight Photonics, a pioneer company for supercontinuum lasers, will showcase the SLP-1000, the first portable wide-band laser, at SPIE Photonics West. It’s innovative concept stands out in the industry and offers a portable, high-quality, coherent, and unrivaled light source for industrial, agricultural, and biomedical imaging applications.

Traditionally, supercontinuum lasers have been bulky and power hungry, limiting their applications. SuperLight Photonics has redefined this landscape by miniaturising the supercontinuum laser into a handheld Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) device, an industry first.

Since its recent press release, the SLP-1000, featuring supercontinuum laser generation (SCG), has gained attention for its portability, low power consumption, and battery-operated design, unlocking unprecedented in-field applications. Mounted on a drone, it supports aerial surveillance, precision farming, and crop monitoring. Handheld devices extend to forensics, material and surface inspection, environmental sensing, and quality control, bringing the SCG laser lab to the field.

The SLP-1000 leverages a PIC solution based on the patented PAD – Patterned Alternating Dispersion™ mechanism. It offers superior coherent light quality with high brightness and power, resulting in high-quality, smooth spectral output with record-wide bandwidth. The output is fully time coherent and spatially coherent over the whole spectrum. PAD™ will be the core of many more interesting features Superlight Photonics will bring to the market in the near future.

The SLP-1000 is unique with its small form factor and low weight. It is extremely energy efficient and can be battery operated, making it a truly portable solution. The SLP-1000 is easy to install and use, it’s plug-and-play and has no complicated support infrastructure. It provides a maintenance-free operation with a fast start-up time and since no (re-)calibration is required, downtime is minimised. Finally, the SLP-1000 is a durable solution and is a perfect alternative for halogen light sources, offering at least five times longer lifetime.

Cees Links, CEO of SuperLight Photonics, expresses excitement about showcasing the innovative supercontinuum laser solution at Photonics West: “Our SCG laser miniaturised to a PIC based device stands out in the industry, earning high customer traction and market interest. The SLP-1000 is a perfect fit for forensics, agriculture, biomedical, and spectroscopy applications. To better understand the advantages of wide-band lasers compared to monochromatic lasers, consider the difference between colour TVs and black-and-white TVs: the superiority of the colour TV doesn’t need additional explanation.”

The SuperLight Photonics participation perfectly aligns with the Photonics West innovation ambitions, providing attendees with insights into the booming future of photonics. Visit SuperLight Photonics’ booth 5211 in the Holland High Tech Pavilion to witness firsthand how the company revolutionises photonics.

About SuperLight Photonics

SuperLight Photonics, based in Enschede, the Netherlands, is a pioneering Dutch spin-off company from the University of Twente aiming to become a leading player in wideband lasers. The platform technology offers solutions in various sectors, including medical applications in spectrometry, OCT, precision farming and crop monitoring, surface inspection, and pollution detection. SuperLight Photonics is at the forefront of creating Photon-IC (PIC) solutions. Capitalising on the momentum within the photonics sector, SuperLight Photonics contributes to a technologically advanced and sustainable future.