SMART Photonics secures €100 mln in additional funding

12 July 2023

Eindhoven, The Netherlands, 12 July 2023 – SMART Photonics, the Dutch foundry for photonic integrated circuits, has secured an additional round of funding of €100 mln from a group of strategic industry and financial Dutch players.

Among the group of new lenders are strategic players from the semiconductor industry (ASML, NXP and VDL Groep) as well as financial institutions (ING, BOP Impact Ventures and Deep Tech Fund, which is part of Invest-NL and partly funded by the ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy). Previous investors, including Innovation Industries, BOM, PhotonDelta and KPN Ventures have joined in this funding round again. The government of the Netherlands will provide € 60 mln public funding as part of the approved National Growth Fund project PhotonDelta as previously announced.

With this new round of funding, SMART Photonics will be able to strengthen its role as the leading manufacturer of next generation chips in a growing, resilient European photonic value chain. SMART Photonics will use the funds to further extend its manufacturing capabilities and accelerate the development of the company’s photonic integrated chip technology platforms and its Process Design Kits (PDKs).

“We are very pleased to be supported by this new group of lenders and are grateful for the continued support of our existing investors,” comments Johan Feenstra, Chief Executive Officer of SMART Photonics. “With this round of funding, we receive strong support from the Dutch ecosystem including strategic lenders and financial institutions in our ambition to become the globally leading foundry for photonics integrated circuits (PICs).”

Quote lender(s) ASML, NXP and VDL Groep: “Financial support from the three fellow-Brainport region companies gives SMART Photonics the best opportunity to take the essential next steps to further mature the organization, strengthen technical capabilities and extend their manufacturing base. Our additional funding will help strengthen the Brainport and wider Dutch and European photonics ecosystem. SMART Photonics becoming a strong and versatile foundry can greatly benefit the growing number of fabless photonic chip design companies in the Brainport region.”

Demissionary minister Micky Adriaansens of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy: “We believe in the Netherlands as a leading international hub for the development of the fast growing integrated photonics industry. That’s why we invest both through the National Growth Fund project PhotonDelta in the whole ecosystem and through our dedicated Deep Tech Fund with specific funding for start-ups and scale-ups who focus on innovative complex technology such as SMART Photonics. For the prosperity and economic growth of the future and to maintain our competitiveness, it is necessary that we develop innovative key technologies like integrated photonics within the European Union.”

About SMART Photonics:

SMART Photonics is an innovative scale up in the growing photonic chip industry which has been recognized by the EU as one of Europe’s key enabling technologies having the potential to provide solutions to some of the most pressing societal and environmental challenges of our time. As a leading Indium Phosphide foundry of photonics integrated circuits (PICs) SMART Photonics aims to bring the innovations of its customers to life and thus drive the creation of products that improve people’s lives.