Report: Equipment needs for efficient and reliable production of integrated photonics

08 October 2020

Although many similarities seem to exist between semicon and photonic production, there are major differences. The availability of front-end and back-end production equipment tuned to their needs, will provide the photonics industry with the tools to efficiently and reliably produce photonic devices and systems. Equipment companies on the other hand, will be involved in the growing photonics industry and can prepare for the upcoming large global equipment market, a win-win situation.

PhotonDelta, the TU/e – High Tech Systems Center and High Tech NL have taken up the assignment of analyzing the equipment needs of the photonic industry in a collaborative project that has been executed through surveys, workshops and interviews. The research mainly involved industrial players from integrated photonic sector as well as equipment manufacturers.

The findings were presented on 15 October during a joined webinar on ‘Equipment for the efficient production of integrated photonics’.

Download the report here