PhotonDelta Partners With TU/e For Inaugural Netherlands-Taiwan Summer School

14 September 2023

Eindhoven University of Technology (TU/e) recently hosted academics and industry leaders from the Netherlands and Taiwan for a first-of-its-kind summer school focussed on advancing innovations in electronics and photonics. The event – Eindhoven Taiwan Summer School: Advancing Innovation In Semiconductor Electronics and Photonics – welcomed an impressive line-up of leading lights from both industries and nations, including representatives from PhotonDelta.

Our first Eindhoven Taiwan Summer School was a great event, fostering rich scientific discussions, new encounters, and several company visits. It proved rewarding for both students and staff and will continue to serve as a platform for training the next generation of engineers in semiconductors and photonics while promoting collaboration between industry and academia.

Aida Todri-Sanial, Scientific Director, Eindhoven Taiwan Summer School, TU/e

Uniting global expertise in photonics and electronics

Combining cultural exchange with cutting edge technology, the  Eindhoven Taiwan Summer School was a chance for undergraduates and masters students to gain exclusive insights into the world of semiconductor and photonic chip technology. As well as lectures from some of the biggest names in the industry, the 5-day summer school included lab tours and networking events. 

The Eindhoven Hendrik Casimir Institute (EHCI) at Eindhoven University of Technology welcomed participants from Taiwan National Taiwan University (NTU), National Yang Ming Chiao Tung University (NYCU), and National Cheng Kung University (NCKU) alongside key European partners including ASML, NXP, TSMC-Europe, SMART Photonics, and PhotonDelta. Summer School Scientific Director – Professor Aida Todri-Sanial – outlined the summer school’s focus on building a platform to educate, discuss, and present to students the innovations and challenges in semiconductor electronics and photonics that will play a crucial role in addressing the urgent societal challenges we are currently facing from climate change and energy solutions to education and large-scale simulation.

“There is momentum now in Europe – not only for semiconductor electronics and photonics. We have a Chips Act in Europe which offers opportunities for this sector to further develop here. We’ve seen during Covid-19 period how important the chips are. However, we have challenges, such as not having sufficient talent to join this industry. We wanted to show the potential of the region and how attractive this sector is for the young generation. We worked perfectly with our regional partners. And this is only the beginning!”

Delia Mitcan, EU Representative, General Affairs/Strategic Industry and Government Affairs Office (S.I.G.), TU/e Brussels Office

The event was closely aligned with the National Growth Fund’s human capital initiative of PhotonDelta, which aims to strengthen the Netherlands’ position as the leading innovator of next generation microchips by attracting and retaining top talent in the closely related fields of semiconductors and photonics.  

Learning from leaders in the field of photonics 

What made the Eindhoven Taiwan Summer School particularly unique was the number of high-profile experts taking part in the program. Alongside PhotonDelta’s Chairman of the Investment Committee – Ruud van Heur – notable speakers included:

  • Peter Wennink, CEO, ASML
  • Dr. Arian Zwegers, EU Commission
  • Paul de Bot, General Manager, TSMC Europe
  • Dr. Luc Augustin, CTO, SMART Photonics
Peter Wennink, CEO at ASML

The program was also packed with related activities involving participants from PhotonDelta. This included a networking dinner, scientific speed-dating with Scientific Program Manager, Oded Raz, and a role on the student presentation jury for PhotonDelta’s Director of Strategic Partnerships, Nilufar Bulut.

“It was great to see the interaction between the students and the participating companies and lecturers. There is a huge need for talent in the expanding field of semiconductors and integrated photonics. Next year we’ll be back: bigger and equally excellent!”

Martijn Heck, Scientific Director, Eindhoven Hendrik Casimir Institute, TU/e

Developing human capital for the photonics industry

PhotonDelta’s involvement with the Eindhoven Taiwan Summer School is part of a wider initiative to develop human capital within the integrated photonics ecosystem, based in the Netherlands but with a global reach. 

August was a particularly busy month for human capital activities. As well as the summer school, representatives from PhotonDelta, and VTEC Lasers & Sensors, participated in a career fair for around 300 students during Introduction Week at Eindhoven University of Technology. On top of that, PhotonDelta presented Surfix Diagnostics and Nostics to 40 students from the international SensUs competition.

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