PhotonDelta CTO changes roles to support PIC startups while welcoming new CTO to drive PIC roadmap strategy

06 November 2023

From February 1st onwards, Carol de Vries, PhotonDelta CTO, will change roles to focus on startups and support the integrated photonics strategy. Peter van Arkel, currently working with PhotonDelta as the roadmapping director of the IPSR-I, will take over the CTO role.

Carol de Vries (left) and Peter van Arkel )right)

Carol has been part of PhotonDelta since 2019 and has seen the ecosystem grow from 12 to 70 partners. Since his start, Carol led all PhotonDelta’s technical due diligences, strategic roadmapping and was highly instrumental in the thought leadership to convey the integrated photonics proposition. De Vries will change his role from CTO to Chief Strategy and Startup Development. He will focus on startup support and further support the integrated photonic strategy.

Carol de Vries: “The fast development of the industry and the execution of our growth fund program, requires strengthening of our team, while at the same time our ambitions in startup development and economic growth are high. I’m happy to change roles and put my experience to work to give the support startups need in this industry.”

We are delighted to announce that Peter van Arkel – currently working with PhotonDelta as roadmap director for the Integrated Photonics Systems Roadmap – International (IPSR-I) at Berenschot- will join PhotonDelta as its new CTO. As managing consultant R&D collaboration, Peter has been working extensively with the PhotonDelta partners and will bring along fresh thought leadership and vast experience in the integrated photonics industry.

Peter van Arkel: “It is with great pleasure that I’m taking up this new and challenging role as PhotonDelta’s CTO. The technological development for integrated photonics is gaining momentum for market entrance and I’m excited to be part of this and contribute to its success. I’m looking forward to the challenges that successful industry transition brings such as increased volume manufacturing, and shorter and affordable development cycles of new integrated photonic chips.”

Laurens Weers, CFO PhotonDelta: “I’m grateful for everything that Carol has accomplished. He has been instrumental in the development of both the PhotonDelta foundation and the PhotonDelta ecosystem. We are very happy that Carol selected his successor and stays on board to focus on supporting startups as they are crucial to drive integrated photonics from lab to fab.”

Weers adds: “Building applications based on photonic integrated circuits only will not create demand for PICs. Also, real-life use cases will create new technology challenges that will drive fields of research at universities and RTOs. With Peter on board as CTO Carol has room to dedicate his experiences to these use cases and the strength to drive our strategic roadmaps for the industry.”