Quix Quantum Launches Record Breaking 20-Qumode Quantum Photonic Processor

22 March 2022

QuiX Quantum, the market leader in photonic quantum computing hardware, today announced the commercial launch of the world’s largest photonic quantum processor. The processor was developed in the Netherlands and outperforms the current generation of processors by almost a factor of 2. The new quantum photonic processor has a record number of qumodes (20). It also has the highest operating specifications on the market. With this new product, QuiX Quantum continues to push the envelope of photonic quantum computing.

What is quantum computing?

Quantum computing will revolutionize the way we process information, in fields such as machine learning, chemistry and finance. This is because of its ability to outperform supercomputers at certain computational tasks.

A quantum photonic processor is a device that can be used to manipulate light for computations. Such processors are the heart of a photonic quantum computer – a quantum computer that uses particles of light as the basic information-carrying units.

What makes QuiX’ processor special?

There are two things that matter for a photonic processor – quantity and quality. Quantity here means the number of qumodes that the processor can support. Qumodes are the optical equivalent of qubits, the basic information carrying units in the computer. This number should be as high as possible. The quality of the processor is set by the amount of light which is lost when traversing over the processor. The less the better applies to this.

Quantum processor with record number of 20 qumodes

QuiX Quantum has succeeded in producing a processor which has simultaneously very low optical losses and the largest number of qumodes.  The new quantum photonic processor has a record number of qumodes (20), and the highest operating specifications on the market.

With this product launch, QuiX Quantum solidifies its position as the global market leader in photonic quantum computing hardware. QuiX’ products distinguish themselves from the competition not just due to their excellent specifications, but also due to their commercial maturity. The system is plug-and-play, and compatible with a large number of other pieces of quantum photonic hardware including all photon sources and detectors currently on the market. For these reasons, QuiX’ products have become the de-facto standard for photonic quantum computing across Europe. The French, German, British, and Hungarian quantum ecosystems use QuiX’ products.

About QuiX Quantum

QuiX Quantum is a quantum technology firm located in Enschede, the Netherlands, and is a spinout of the University of Twente, with the main investors being ForwardOne and Oost NL.