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Integrated Photonics: Enabler of disruptive innovations along the continuum-of-care

20th of May 2020

On Tuesday 19th of May PhotonDeltas Chief Stategy and Business Development Officer, Giuseppe Coppola, gave a presentation during the Angel Tech Online Summit about IP being the enabler of disruptive innovations along the continuum-of-care. His presentation can be watched via the link below. 

A PhotonDelta roadmap for automotive applications with integrated photonics is coming

14th of May 2020

Carol de Vries is already known in the PhotonDelta network for his exploration on packaging and his current work for the Photonic Integration Technology Centre. He recently started to lay down the PhotonDelta roadmap on automotive, a focal area of the PhotonDelta ecosystem. In this news item we want to give you a short introduction on Carol and his ambition with regards to the automotive roadmap.

Dutch industrial partners in integrated photonics collaborate on PICs in space

11th of May 2020

At the end of April, the Dutch consortia of the PhotonDelta Flagship project jointly kicked off the project. The project addresses the realization of a robust and versatile hybrid integrated photonics platform that provides scalable solutions for a suite of applications. Moreover, with two proven technology platforms within the Netherlands, InP and TriPleX, the PhotonDelta Flagship project demonstrates scalability to high-volume manufacturing aiming for space quality modules; the highest quality grade in industry. Hence, this project indirectly also supports several industry and application driven roadmaps.

A PhotonDelta roadmap for integrated photonics-enabled bio-sensing is coming

6th of May 2020

PhotonDelta works on an integrated photonics-based roadmap for bio-sensing, so that ongoing and future projects can to be imbedded into the bigger picture on the future of bio-sensing. This roadmap is based on the ground work laid down by the TU Eindhoven and the University of Twente. It will be drawn up with all the cluster partners of PhotonDelta, as well as with other relevant partners academic and industrial partners and lead customers . This will be coordinated by Maarten Buijs, who recently joined the team of PhotonDelta. In this news item we want to give you a short introduction to Maarten and his ambition with regards to this roadmap.

Leading Dutch biochip companies accelerate development of fast and reliable COVID-19 test

24th April 2020

Surfix, together with its shareholders Qurin Diagnostics and LioniX International,  today announce an accelerated development plan to allow mass-scale COVID-19 diagnosis and immunity detection with the financial support and in close collaboration with PhotonDelta.

PHIX Photonics Assembly secures funding

16th April 2020

PHIX Photonics Assembly secures funding from Innovation Industries and Oost NL
PHIX started its operations in July 2018 to serve the growing demand for photonic assembly activities. PHIX’s goal of becoming the world leader in this field has come one step closer with large new investments from Innovation Industries and existing investor Oost NL (through Innovatiefonds Twente). These investments catalyze PHIX’s growth and its ambitions to scale up its manufacturing volumes.

Opening of the Chip Integration Technology Centre

5th March 2020

Heterogeneous integration and advanced packaging is essential for connecting chips and protecting them. The Chip Integration Technology Centre (CITC), located in Nijmegen, bridges the gap between science and industry in the field of materials, machines and semiconductors. In the  centre, new technology is being developed to make the packaging of the chip smaller, better and cheaper. Chip manufacturers, test and packaging companies, material suppliers, software developers, photonics firms and research institutions will work together on creating this innovative chip integration technology.

With the team in place, the design of offices & lab rooms and program lines running, the CITC was able to officially open on the 5th of March. 

PhotonDelta Application Bootcamp with Hendrix Genetics

14th February 2020

From 11th to 13th of February, the second PhotonDelta Application Bootcamp was held at TU/e. Experts in the field at TU/e tried to come up with solutions for Hendrix Genetics, with the use of integrated photonics. The challenge is set on measuring conventional egg properties. 

The company is enthusiastic about the Application Bootcamp. “Fascinating what the team was able to come up with in a few days. Photonics and spectroscopy look like promising technologies for measuring conventional egg properties such as shell thickness and egg quality automatically and at scale. It may even allow us to measure fertilization, embryo health and sex without opening the egg.” Bram Visser, Hendrix Genetics.

Visit Ambassador of Ireland

13th February 2020

Last Thursday the Ambassador of Ireland, Mr. Kevin Kelly, along with leaders from its two most important trade organizations, Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland, visited the Brainport region. PhotonDelta presented its strategy and its integrated photonics supply chain. In addition to that, the Irish visitors experienced a tour around Philips Innovation Centre and presentations from EIT Digital, EIT Health and HighTechXL.
The meeting was a first introduction to each other’s strengths and interests. The aim of the visit was a to explore whether Ireland and the Netherlands, in particular the Brainport region, can connect in terms of innovation and trade. The discussion lead to enough mutual interest and eagerness to connect PhotonDelta, the Dutch integrated photonics cluster, to companies in Ireland, primarily those active in the medical and, growing, automotive segment,to further explore options for concrete co-operations.

Annual review 2019 

10th February 2020

PhotonDelta is about cooperation. Cooperation between engaged innovators, entrepreneurs, knowledge institutions, development agencies and governments. The purpose of this cooperation is to deliver world-leading development and production of integrated photonics solutions. Our common goal is to build and maintain around our technology a sustainable ecosystem that will support our clients, significantly impact future applications and help solve social and technology challenges. We all worked hard and made steps towards our goal in 2019.

We are happy to share with you our Annual Review 2019, which provides an overview of the results and progress we made together in 2019. 


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