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QuiX will deliver a photonic quantum processor to the Hungarian Quantum initiative 

21 December 2021

Quix Quantum, the market leader in quantum photonic processors, will deliver a photonic quantum computing solution to the newly established Hungarian Quantum Information National Laboratory initiative. This device represents the fifth quantum photonic processor to leave the QuiX plant.

AR/VR headsets become more fashionable thanks to LioniX International

14 December 2021

Dutch microsystems developer LioniX International announces an integrated RGB laser light engine for retinal projection augmented reality (AR) headsets. The mm scale light engine excels not only in the brightness and quality of the images projected but also in terms of compactness.

OIP4NWE offers vouchers for SME’S to mature PIC-based products

9 December 2021

The open innovation program OIP4NWE launches its second voucher call for innovation support to stimulate uptake of integrated photonics technology by European-based companies. Up to 5 companies will receive innovation support from the OIP4NWE consortium.

New investment helps TU Eindhoven spinoff MicroAlign to speed up product development

8 December 2021

A new investment by the Smart Industries TTT Fund and PhotonDelta will help TU Eindhoven spinoff MicroAlign speed up its technology and product development. MicroAlign will use the funds to optimize the quality of optical fiber-to-chip connections at packaging and start exploring the market opportunities.

PhotonFirst successfully closes €11 million Series A funding

3 December 2021

PhotonFirst International, a leading pioneer in integrated photonics sensing solutions for advanced applications, announced to have successfully closed its Series A funding. Jointly, Active Capital Company, and new investor PhotonDelta have committed 11 million euros to fund the 5-year business plan of the company. 

3 examples of how integrated photonics is impacting data and telecom

11 November 2021

In recent years, the potential of optics and photonics for communication is expanding rapidly and will form the basis of future communication systems. In this article we give three examples of integrated photonics applied in the data and telecom sector and the advantages they bring.

Shrinking lidar down to a chip offers big rewards

30 September 2021

Still a rather clunky and expensive instrument, the automotive and many other markets eagerly await the availability of an affordable and compact lidar system. Integrated photonics is coming to the rescue.

Automotive in grand challenges - PhotonDelta roadmap 

29 September 2021

On September 29th, PhotonDelta launched its roadmap for the use of integrated photonics in the automotive sector. The roadmap was created together with various stakeholders from the industry as well as integrated photonics companies and provides an overview of the different trends in the automotive sector and list the opportunities for integrated photonics technology.

LEAP technology trends & scenarios 

27 September 2021

Our lifestyle has evolved virtually over the last decade, causing an exponential surge in data consumption. High bandwidth data transfers, affordable data plans, cloud migrations and the increasing popularity of streaming services are all contributing to this trend.

Tech Tour Photonics 2021 to support most innovative entrepreneurs in the sector from across..

8 September 2021

Fundraising of EUR 158.5M in total was achieved by presenting companies from the last 3 years’ editions of Photonics event.

2021 edition of the Tech Tour Photonics, organized by Tech Tour and hosted by PhotonHub Europe, Photonics21 & ACTPHAST 4.0, and with the support of EPIC, will be held online this Autumn. This year, due to Covid-19 travel risks, a series of online presentation sessions will ..... 


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