Integrated photonics for automotive – download industry roadmap

29 September 2021

In September 2021, PhotonDelta launched its roadmap for the use of integrated photonics in the automotive sector. It was created together with various stakeholders from the industry as well as integrated photonics companies.

The roadmap provides an overview of the different trends in the automotive sector and list the opportunities for integrated photonics technology. Download the roadmap of Integrated Photonics for Automotive below.

Integrated photonics in automotive

The automotive industry is going through a rapid transformation, driven by electrification, autonomous vehicles, driver support systems, as well as changes in mobility patterns and city infrastructure. These trends will significantly influence the physical design and capability of vehicles as well as the broader social and economic impacts of changes to car/fleet use. 

The increased need for sensors in vehicles, in the electric/hybrid drivetrains and advanced driver-assistance systems (ADAS) up to autonomous driving systems, creates new significant opportunities for the integrated photonics industry. Discover these opportunities in the roadmap.