Dutch Minister of Foreign Trade & Development visits Holland Pavilion at Europe’s biggest Photonics Event

28 June 2023

München, Germany – The Laser World of Photonics, the largest European photonics exhibition, received a distinguished visitor as the Dutch Minister of Foreign Trade and Development, Liesje Schreinemacher, visited the Holland Pavilion. The event, taking place from 27 to 30 June, showcases the latest advancements in photonics technology and brings together leading experts from around the world.

The Netherlands, a frontrunner in technological innovation, is prominently represented at the Laser World of Photonics, with a total of 34 organizations participating throughout the fair. Of these, 18 organizations have chosen to showcase their cutting-edge technologies on the Holland High Tech Pavilion, a testament to the country’s expertise in the field.The Holland High Tech Pavilion is organized by Dutch branch organizations PhotonicsNL and PhotonDelta, a growth accelerator for the photonic chip industry.

A key component of the Minister’s visit was an exclusive dinner attended by German, French and Dutch representatives in deep tech sectors including hydrogen, quantum technology and photonics. This gathering of industry leaders and innovators will foster collaboration and partnership, strengthening the bonds between the participating nations in these vital fields.

Additionally, Minister Schreinemacher inaugurated a networking lunch at the Holland Pavilion. This event provided an excellent opportunity for professionals and stakeholders to connect, share insights, and discuss the future of photonics.

A highlight of Minister Schreinemachers visit will be the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with the German photonics cluster OptecBB and the Dutch PhotonicsNL and PhotonDelta. This agreement signifies a commitment to increase collaboration and mutual development between the Dutch and German photonics sectors.

“Photonics is a critical field for our interconnected, digital world,” said Minister Schreinemacher. “This visit and particularly the MOU with our German counterparts, represents a significant step forward in international collaboration. By working together, we can accelerate innovation and ensure Europe remains at the forefront of photonics technology.”

This visit underscores the importance of international collaboration in advancing the photonics industry. The Netherlands, through its commitment to fostering relationships and partnerships, continues to play a significant role in the European photonics landscape.

Marc Hendrikse, Chair of Holland High Tech and the High Tech Systems & Materials sector, added: “Photonics technology is poised to be a key player in addressing pressing and future societal needs, ranging from energy conservation to healthcare improvements, combating food waste, and meeting our relentless demand for information. The Netherlands, holding a position of growing relevance in this emerging sector, is eager to leverage the Laser World of Photonics in Munich to foster partnerships. Together, we can drive innovation and develop smart, global solutions.”