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PhotonDelta & OnePlanet Research Center Serve Up New Industry Roadmap for Agrifood

Sustainable food production and distribution using integrated photonic microchips are top of the menu in a new roadmap from leading photonics experts and researchers. Wageningen, Netherlands – PhotonDelta and OnePlanet Research Center have today launched the ‘Integrated Photonics for Agrifood’ roadmap during the Post Harvest Unlimited Conference (PHUC) at Wageningen University, the Netherlands. It was

QMware and QuiX Quantum to establish the first fully integrated Hybrid Quantum Computing Data Center

Enschede, Netherlands – QMware and QuiX Quantum collaborate to develop the first fully integrated, hybrid quantum-classical platform in Enschede, the Netherlands, where QuiX Quantum’s headquarters are located. The hybrid architecture integrates high-performance computing (HPC) infrastructure with native quantum computing technology onsite for the first time globally. The new data center is expected to be fully

QuiX Quantum wins €14 million contract with the German Aerospace Center to deliver a Universal Quantum Computer

QuiX Quantum will deliver 8- and 64-qubit fully Universal Quantum Computers based on integrated photonics, integrating the existing technologies from their processors with sources, detectors, and feedforward to create a modular Photonic Quantum Computer. This represents the first commercial sale of Universal Quantum Computers based on light. The customized development for the German Aerospace Center,

Global energy leader GE and PhotonFirst enter into partnership for development of transformer monitoring solutions

Asset monitoring & diagnostics expertise of GE’s Grid Solutions matched with PhotonFirst’s innovation leadership in chip based sensing Lisburn, UK, Alkmaar, The Netherlands, September 12, 2022 – With a signing ceremony on the premises of GE’s Grid Solutions in Lisburn, GE and PhotonFirst announced a strategic technology collaboration. As the energy transition accelerates, reliability and

MantiSpectra and Vestel cooperate to make home appliances smarter

The Eindhoven-based start-up MantiSpectra has signed a framework agreement with Vestel group to validate and accelerate the use of spectral sensing technologies in the domain of Smart Home appliances. MantiSpectra, a deep tech spin-off of Eindhoven University of Technology, has recently developed ChipSense™, a photonic chip that will revolutionize the spectrometer landscape and has the

Are We There Yet? How Optical Chips Are Setting The Pace On The Road To Automotive Innovation

There’s no doubt about it: in the not-too-distant future, cars are going to have a lot more technology packed into them. A heck of a lot more. Could optical chip technology – aka integrated photonics – be the answer to automotive manufacturers’ combined need for smaller and more energy efficient hardware? Electric vehicles and autonomous

New Roadmap Released: Sustainable Digital Infrastructures With Integrated Photonics

Global data traffic is doubling every two years. As the growth rate is likely to increase further in the future, optical communication and networking technologies are becoming essential to accommodate this growth in an energy-efficient and sustainable manner. The biggest challenge within this domain is the high energy consumption of data infrastructure. The share of

AR/VR Headsets Will Become More Fashionable Thanks to LioniX International

Enschede, The Netherlands – Dutch microsystems developer LioniX International announces an integrated RGB laser light engine for retinal projection augmented reality (AR) headsets. The mm scale light engine excels not only in the brightness and quality of the images projected but also in terms of compactness. The AR hardware market promises tens of billions of

3 Examples of How Integrated Photonics Is Impacting Data and Telecom

Early civilizations already used optical communication. For example, mirrors and smoke were used to send messages. In recent years, the potential of optics and photonics for communication is expanding rapidly and will form the basis of future communication systems. In this article we give three examples of integrated photonics applied in the data and telecom

What Is Lidar and Why Does It No Longer Have To Be Clunky and Expensive?

Still a rather clunky and expensive instrument, the automotive and many other markets eagerly await the availability of an affordable and compact lidar system. Integrated photonics is coming to the rescue. Elon Musk’s disdain for lidar Elon Musk’s disdain for lidar used to be well-established. “Lidar is a fool’s errand. Anyone relying on it is

Integrated photonics for automotive – download industry roadmap

In September 2021, PhotonDelta launched its roadmap for the use of integrated photonics in the automotive sector. It was created together with various stakeholders from the industry as well as integrated photonics companies. The roadmap provides an overview of the different trends in the automotive sector and list the opportunities for integrated photonics technology. Download

The road to next-gen biosensing – download industry roadmap

Global healthcare has never been under so much pressure to deliver and innovate to provide effective patient care at affordable costs to an ever increasing and ageing population. Accurate and cost-effective biosensors are expected to play a crucial role in the roll-out of Point-of-Care testing: diagnosing patients at the point of need rather than in

New investment in light-powered biosensor accelerates the availability of high quality – low cost tests for Covid-19 and others

Surfix announces an investment of € 8,5 million by a Dutch consortium consisting of companies Qurin Diagnostics and LioniX International, industry accelerator PhotonDelta and the East Netherlands Development Agency Oost NL for further development of Surfix’s plug-and-play diagnostics platform. Surfix will use the investment to accelerate the development of its fast, reliable and attractive plug-and-play

The Role of Integrated Photonics for Future 5G Networks

Data usage and, thus, data traffic over the mobile and fibre networks is growing exponentially every year. While the currently used optical transmission solutions are reaching their limits, a new technology is ready to be implemented. Traditional photonics use manipulation of light to generate, detect, or process information. More recently, integrated photonics has shown the

5G Hub Eindhoven reveals: EFFECT Photonics and Vodafone start testing optical SoCs in mobile network

Earlier this week, during a visit by NLdigital, the industry association of the digital sector, the 5G Hub in Eindhoven announced that EFFECT Photonics and Vodafone have started testing the integration of so-called optical SoCs in the mobile network. This optical ‘System-on-Chip’ technology is expected to offer internet providers and users many advantages in the

Photonics startup MantiSpectra takes chemical analysis out of the lab

Who says chemical analysis needs to be performed in a laboratory, by well-trained personnel? Thanks to a photonic-chip-based spectral sensing system being commercialized by startup Mantispectra, classifying and quantifying material composition will never be easier. The optimal time to harvest There’s only so much a farmer can tell about his crops just by looking at

A PhotonDelta roadmap for integrated photonics-enabled bio-sensing is coming

PhotonDelta and its partners have initiated projects to develop bio-sensors, based on integrated photonics. A bio-sensor detects the presence or concentration of specific biomolecules, microorganisms or other biological analytes. Such a sensor is critical to bringing the detection of viruses, cancer or other diseases to the point of care of a patient at an early stage. PhotonDelta works

Leading Dutch biochip companies accelerate development of fast and reliable COVID-19 test

Surfix B.V., together with its shareholders Qurin Diagnostics B.V. and LioniX International B.V., already successfully developing bio-photonic nanochips for cancer detection and other applications, today announce an accelerated development plan to allow mass-scale COVID-19 diagnosis and immunity detection with the financial support and in close collaboration with PhotonDelta. The desktop testing device will yield reliable