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A group of organisations is appealing to politicians to keep the Netherlands attractive for foreign talent

For foreign employees in the Netherlands, the Dutch government offers an allowance for extra costs in the form of a tax advantage. In the run-up to the Spring Memorandum, the 30% facility was discussed. The 30% facility is for employees who come from outside the Netherlands and work in the Netherlands temporarily. Do they meet

Are We There Yet? How Optical Chips Are Setting The Pace On The Road To Automotive Innovation

There’s no doubt about it: in the not-too-distant future, cars are going to have a lot more technology packed into them. A heck of a lot more. Could optical chip technology – aka integrated photonics – be the answer to automotive manufacturers’ combined need for smaller and more energy efficient hardware? Electric vehicles and autonomous

HighTechXL and PhotonDelta Aim to Build More Integrated Photonics Startups

22 April 2022, Eindhoven – HighTechXL and PhotonDelta announce a technology partnership to build new integrated photonics start-ups, thereby strengthening the Brainport ecosystem and the Netherlands as a world leader in integrated photonics. PhotonDelta, the integrated photonics ecosystem, contributes its technical know-how and network, to which HighTechXL adds its venture building expertise. HighTechXL builds deep-tech

PhotonDelta Lands €1.1 Billion To Usher in a New Generation of Semiconductor Technology

Eindhoven, Netherlands – PhotonDelta, a cross-border ecosystem of photonic chip technology organisations, has, subject to conditions*, landed €1.1 billion in public and private investment to transform the Netherlands into the leader of next generation semiconductors. Capital from the Netherland’s Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy and other organisations will be used to build 200

Quix Quantum Launches Record Breaking 20-Qumode Quantum Photonic Processor

QuiX Quantum, the market leader in photonic quantum computing hardware, today announced the commercial launch of the world’s largest photonic quantum processor. The processor was developed in the Netherlands and outperforms the current generation of processors by almost a factor of 2. The new quantum photonic processor has a record number of qumodes (20). It

EFFECT Photonics Acquires Coherent Optical Digital Signal Processing Business from Viasat

EFFECT Photonics

At the Optical Fiber Conference (OFC) 2022, EFFECT Photonics, a leading provider of highly integrated optical communication products is announcing that it signed a definitive agreement to acquire coherent optical digital signal processing (DSP) and forward error correction (FEC) technology as well as a highly experienced engineering team from global communications company, Viasat Inc. (NASDAQ:

New Roadmap Released: Sustainable Digital Infrastructures With Integrated Photonics

Global data traffic is doubling every two years. As the growth rate is likely to increase further in the future, optical communication and networking technologies are becoming essential to accommodate this growth in an energy-efficient and sustainable manner. The biggest challenge within this domain is the high energy consumption of data infrastructure. The share of

Aircision and EFFECT Photonics to Jointly Develop Coherent Technology for Free Space Optics

Eindhoven, The Netherlands – Aircision builds high capacity free space optics (FSO) systems that can be deployed fast, cover long distances and are highly secure. In December 2021, Aircision successfully demonstrated the capabilities of their first 10 Gbps FSO system. EFFECT Photonics is a leading transceiver vendor and able to deliver the flexible, pluggable optical transceiver