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Our Target Markets

The range of potential applications that Integrated Photonics can enable is very large and in several cases, given the disruptive nature of Integrated Photonics technology, yet to be defined. Therefore, PhotonDelta seeks to engage in early co-operations with innovative leading players and high-potential start-ups and scale-ups across Datacom and Telecom, Medical devices and Life sciences, infrastructure and Transportation, Food and Agriculture markets. Click on the domain of your interest to know more about some of the opportunities we see.

Opportunities in Datacom and Telecom

Driven by the growing use of smartphones, Internet of Things, Smart cities and autonomous driving, there is a strong need for next generation telecom systems and equipment characterized by increased flexibility, more and faster processing capacity and bandwidth density and at the same time a reduction in cost, power consumption and size. 


Our healthcare systems need to drastically change in order to cope with the need to provide effective patientcare at affordable cost to an ever increasing and ageing population. As consequence of such drive, a massive shift is expected towards increased prevention and early diagnostics performed outside of hospitals, e.g. at the general practitioner or even at home.

OPPORTUNITIES in Infrastructure and Transportation

Design, construction, maintenance and upgrading of complex engineering infrastructures and equipment like bridges, dikes and airplanes, requires fresh thinking to minimize use of materials, energy and labour as well as to ensure safety and reliability. These objectives can only be achieved by in-depth understanding and monitoring the performance of the infrastructure, both during its construction and throughout its design life.

OPPORTUNITIES in Food and Agriculture

Smart Farming means that plants or animals get precisely the treatment they need, determined with great accuracy thanks to a combination of technologies including GPS, robotics and miniaturized bio-sensors (PICS). This allows production to be optimized, which means more sustainable crops and increased food safety.

IN short

Integrated photonics and the ways it will improve our daily lives.

Learn more and watch the video. Animation: Moniek van Adrichem.


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