Join our ecosystem

The PhotonDelta ecosystem: a vibrant community of investors, tech companies, and end-users innovating next generation solutions in integrated photonics. Our growing network pioneers the research, design, development, and manufacture of photonics technology.

Our ecosystem thrives through the ongoing activities of its members

Through our shared mission, we play a part in the creation of innovative solutions to the world’s problems through integrated photonics. Striving to strengthen and grow our powerful value chain, we’re always seeking to onboard new members who share our vision for the sustainable development and production of integrated photonics applications in the Netherlands and across Europe.

I’m interested in the community

In the PhotonDelta ecosystem, anyone involved (or looking to get involved) in integrated photonics is welcome to join us. Whether you’re seeking information on a range of private and public funding streams, interested in adopting PICs and prototyping, or looking to connect with relevant partners in our supply chain – PhotonDelta is for you.

Together we’re stronger. That’s why we believe in the power of collaboration.

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I want to innovate with photonic chips

You might be anything from a single-person startup to a medium-sized business – and you believe in the power of innovation. You could be in any one of the many industries open to the disruptive possibilities of photonic chips: automotive, electronics, biosensors, spectrometers, data and telecom – and your mission is to stay ahead of the curve (and the competition) with cutting-edge technology. Through our ecosystem, you can harness the true potential of photonic chips by prototyping the next innovative product.

The PhotonDelta ecosystem gives you access to:

  • Technologies and partners to best solve your innovation challenges.  
  • Roadmapping for the latest developments of photonic chips within your industry. 
  • Guided use of Multi-Project Wafer (MPW) runs and pilot lines.
  • Dedicated innovation centres and selected EU programs to develop new products. 
  • Events, news updates, and exclusive market intelligence covering the latest trends.

I have a role to play in the value chain

With a branch or subsidiary based in the Netherlands, you provide unique added value to the integrated photonics value chain. Your organisation fulfils an essential role in integrated photonics – from research and design to product development and manufacturing.

Our ecosystem opens doors to a number of benefits:

  • A global network of universities, research institutes, PIC companies, suppliers, investors, incubators, and buyers. 
  • Visibility at PhotonDelta events, in the monthly newsletter, on social media, and listing in the PhotonDelta Ecosystem Overview. 
  • Guided use of Multi-Project Wafer runs, Pilot Lines and selected EU programs and subsidies, and a PIC Venture Building Programme with High Tech XL.
  • Public and private funding to further develop and commercialise your products or technologies. 
  • Participation in industry roadmapping activities to identify market trends and needs, connecting your product and service to the wider industry and exclusive market intelligence.