In the ever-evolving landscape of the photonic chip industry, collaboration and knowledge sharing are pivotal for progress. To harness the collective expertise within the PhotonDelta community and beyond, we are launching the PhotonDelta Expertise Community Initiative. This initiative is driven by the belief that enhanced knowledge sharing, experience exchange, and collaboration among experts will propel the industry to new heights.

Imagine a platform where professionals in the photonic chip industry come together to share insights, discuss cutting-edge developments, and foster meaningful connections. The PhotonDelta Expertise Community aims to be that platform, creating a space where experts can collaboratively shape the future of integrated photonics.

What entails the initiative?

The PhotonDelta Expertise Community empowers professionals to initiate and lead their own communities centered around specific topics within the photonic chip industry. Here’s what this initiative means for those interested to start a community:

  • Topic Selection: Choose a theme that resonates with your expertise and passion within the photonic chip industry.
  • Communication Hub: Set up a dedicated LinkedIn group to facilitate seamless communication about events, industry developments, and shared insights within your community.
  • Knowledge Sessions: Organize knowledge sessions, inviting diverse experts – including new faces – to offer presentations on the chosen topic. PhotonDelta may assist in finding organizations willing to host these sessions.
  • Network Growth: Actively grow and professionalize your expertise community by adapting to the evolving needs of members. Monitor engagement, gather feedback, and continuously refine your approach.
  • Support and Funding: PhotonDelta is committed to supporting the creation of these expertise communities. We offer assistance in setting up and communication support. Additionally, (limited) funding is available to help organize knowledge sessions with your expertise community.

How to start an expertise community?

Ready to embark on this exciting journey? Follow these steps to kickstart your expertise community:

  • Express Your Interest: If you’re passionate about initiating an expertise community, reach out to Suzanne van Grootel via
  • Topic Proposal: Propose a compelling topic for your community that aligns with your expertise and addresses industry needs.
  • Setup Assistance: Receive support from PhotonDelta in setting up your community, including guidance on communication strategies.
  • Funding Support: Explore the possibility of receiving (limited) funding via PhotonDelta to organize knowledge sessions within your expertise community.

Join the PhotonDelta Expertise Community Initiative and become a catalyst for positive change within the photonic chip industry. Let’s build a network that not only stays informed but actively shapes the future of integrated photonics!

List of existing expertise communities