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Explore integrated photonics, where cutting-edge chip technology utilizes light to create energy-efficient, faster microchips. Address societal challenges in healthcare, energy, and more. Discover career opportunities in the Netherlands’ thriving industry.

Why work in Photonics

  • Solve real-world problems with photonic chips
  • Innovate powerful, faster and energy-efficient devices
  • Transform multiple industries through the power of light
  • Join a fast growing industry with promising career growth

Working in integrated photonics

Innovate with light

Choose a career in integrated photonics to accelerate advancements in technology. Contribute to the development of powerful, faster, and energy-efficient devices, revolutionizing industries. Integrated photonics provides a platform for professionals to drive innovation, pushing the boundaries of what’s possible in the creation of efficient and effective electronic devices.

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Transform industries

Embark on an impactful career in integrated photonics, influencing diverse industries through the transformative power of light. Discover opportunities to reshape fields like healthcare, energy, and telecommunications. Integrated photonics opens avenues to contribute meaningfully, making a substantial impact across multiple sectors by harnessing the efficiency and precision offered through the application of light in technological solutions.

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A bright future

Opt for a career in integrated photonics and become part of a rapidly expanding industry. Seize promising opportunities for professional growth and development within this dynamic sector. Integrated photonics presents a forward-looking landscape, offering diverse career paths and ensuring a rewarding journey for those seeking to contribute to the continuous evolution of this thriving field.

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