PhotonHub Training: Introduction to Integrated Photonics Applied in Data & Telecom


Are you working in the Data & Telecom industry? And do you want to know what photonic chips have to offer? Join the free online training by PhotonHub and PhotonDelta: ”Introduction to Integrated Photonics Applied in Data & Telecom”.

Integrated Photonics in Data & Telecom

We live in a world of ‘Big Data’. From smartphones to the Internet of Things (IoT), every day we produce and process huge volumes of data. Satisfying the ever-increasing demand for data usage and traffic requires vast, expensive, and energy-consuming data centres and telecom networks.

Integrated photonics is a technology that harnesses the power of light to create energy-efficient, faster, and more accurate microchips. The technology uses light to transfer data, increases the bandwidth, and makes the data transfer much faster. It also requires less energy, making it more efficient both financially and environmentally. Current uses include lasers, sensors, and fibre-optic networks.

Objectives of the online training

  • You will be introduced to the speakers, the PhotonDelta ecosystem, PhotonHub and their innovation services.
  • You will learn what integrated photonics technology is all about.
  • You will discover the different use cases for photonic integrated circuits in the data and telecom industry.
  • You can ask any questions that have remained unanswered.


The online training takes place on 7 June 2022 from 09:30 – 11:30 CET (10:30 – 12:30 CEST).

How to register?

The training is free of charge. You can register via PhotonHub (at the bottom of the training page).