IPSR-I Spring Meeting 2023

07.06 - 09.06.2023

Over 400 academic and industrial experts from across the globe, working in the field of photonic chips and its applications, work together to create the Integrated Photonics Systems Roadmap – International (IPSR-I). A roadmap that defines the future of Photonic Integrated Circuits. The IPSR-I Spring Meeting 2023 brings these experts back together physically at MIT in Cambridge from 7 – 9 June.

The Spring Meeting 2023 from 7 – 9 June

This years IPSR-I Spring Meeting is themed around: Sustainable performance scaling: technology, ecology and workforce.

The schallenge of scaling performance under constant cost and energy envelopes has driven a system optimization paradigm to deliver significantly ‘more than Moore’ benefits over the last decade. Heterogeneity allows special purpose components to eceed in aggregate system-level function/cost metrics. The platform is being driven by network architectures based on advances in both components and software.

A picture of the IPSR-I Spring Meeting 2022 at MIT.

This 2023 Spring Meeting brings together the global leaders from the electronics and photonics industries. The goal is to establish three experience curves that will drive performance scaling to 2045: technology, ecology and workforce. The Integrated Photonics Systems Roadmap – International promotes synchronous, self-consistent solutions for the electronic-photonics supply chain and sustainability.

When: Wednesday 7 June 2023 08.00 AM – Friday 9 June 2023 06.00 PM
Where: MIT room 6-120, Cambridge, Massachusetts in the United States.

The Integrated Photonics Systems Roadmap

The goal of the IPSR-I is to establish and sustain a trust-based global network of industrial, and research and development partners. Working together to define the future of Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs). It’s a joint initiative between PhotonDelta in Europe and the Microphotonics Center at MIT in the United States. So far, more than 400 experts have contributed to the roadmap.

Together, the IPSR-I network will enable scaling of integrated photonics for applications by delivering an up-to-date technology roadmap driven by market needs. The roadmap meetings are a unique opportunity to get everyone around the table to discuss the way forward. Bridging the gaps between industry and academia, markets and technologies, as well as electronics and photonics.

How to join?

Active IPSR-I members

Active members in the IPSR-I community have received an e-mail inviting them to the spring meeting. If you havn’t received an invite, please contact Peter van Arkel, the IPSR-I Roadmapping Director, via p.vanarkel[at]

Are you an expert in photonics or electronics and interested to get involved?

A call is always open for contributions by experts in the various technological and applicational fields to update the IPSR-I. The IPSR-I invites all organizations, including universities, research institutes, SMEs, customers and the vertical supply chain to participate. 

The IPSR-I is a living document that is continuously updated. The chapters need enrichment with technological, module and application developments in their respective fields. Throughout the years the working groups work together on updating a their respective roadmap chapter. Also twice a year a physical meeting is organised to get together.

Participation and attendance at all physical IPSR-I meetings is by invitation, but all stakeholders who are willing to devote time and effort, to achieve the goals of IPSR-I, are encouraged to participate.

To join the IPSR-I community, please contact Peter van Arkel, the IPSR-I Roadmapping Director, via p.vanarkel[at] and select a working group that interests you.