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Public Officials

We help to secure autonomy in strategic technology while boosting economic growth

Integrated photonic technology is considered a key enabling technology by many industries and governments. A strong autonomous position for Europe and the Netherlands is crucial for a long-term strategic position and economic growth. This requires transforming our R&D leadership into industrial leadership.

Since strong competitiveness in integrated photonics also offers a sustainable competitive advantage in various other markets and application domains, it is important to accelerate this key enabling technology together.

We provide our partners with

Expert advisors

Our industry experts have a profound understand of the global dynamics and can help to advise on policy making

Building bridges

We work with public and private knowledge institutes to bridge the gap between academics and business.


Maximising impact on national scale by leveraging both public and private funds

Market intelligence

We help you understand the market dynamics through state-of-the-art reports

The whole supply-chain is working together

PhotonDelta is the independent growth accelerator for the integrated photonics industry. Located in the heart of Europe, PhotonDelta has established a collaborative ecosystem of organisations that designs, develops and manufactures the next generation chip technology.

PhotonDelta actively supports the ecosystem through a wide range of activities, including funding, coaching and connecting them to industry. This creates an environment that stimulates the creation of companies, products and applications that contribute to a better world.

The markets we operate in

Datacom & Telecom

The growing use of smartphones, the Internet of Things, smart cities and autonomous vehicles demand faster processing of vast amounts of data. While seeking to facilitate this continuous increase in data usage and traffic, data centres and telecom networks need to reduce costs, power consumption and size. Integrated photonics offers faster, smaller, greener and cheaper solutions for virtually unlimited data transfer. 

Automotive & Infrastructure

Integrated photonics enables smaller, lighter and cheaper solutions for real-time monitoring of complex engineering infrastructures and equipment, such as bridges, dikes and aircrafts through fiber optic sensing system (FOS). The technology also has immense potential in the automotive sector as a replacement for the expensive radar (LiDAR) and sensor systems currently used in autonomous vehicles and to allow smart monitoring of batteries and electric engines.

Medical & life sciences

With an ever increasing and ageing population and the current pandemic our healthcare system needs to change in order to cope with the need to provide effective patient care at affordable cost. There is expected to be a major shift towards increased prevention and early diagnostics performed outside of hospitals, possibly in general practices or even at home. This will drive a need for affordable yet accurate diagnostic instruments. The sensors offered by integrated photonics allow the creation of clinically accurate medical devices that are both smaller and more affordable.

Food and agriculture

The world’s population is expected to grow to almost 10 billion by 2050, increasing agricultural demand by 50% compared to 2013. This calls for smart farming methods. Integrated photonics enables the optimisation of food production processes, ensuring crops and animals get precisely the treatment they need, thereby creating healthier and more sustainable crops and improving food safety and security. 

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