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Setting up your business in The Netherlands

Setting up your business in the Netherlands to speed-up your integrated photonics-based plans?  Get support from our partners.
Any non-Dutch Companies and start-ups involved with the promising integrated photonics industry either as part of the supply chain or as (early-adopting) customers are welcome to set-up a presence in the Netherlands in order to maximally benefit by the close proximity with the strong Dutch-based integrated photonics cluster and the wider-scope high-tech ecosystem. In addition to this, a presence in the Netherlands enables access to a wider range of direct PhotonDelta co-investment possibilities.

Establishing a site in a foreign country is a complex process though. In order to make the process faster and light, PhotonDelta has partnered with Brainport Development, BOM and OostNL, regional economic development agencies which can help guiding and expediting the process and via/with them with a number of other organizations facilitating a soft-landing.
Read below the overall list of services and options offered and don’t hesitate to get in touch with PhotonDelta ( to get a flying start!

Services for companies/start-ups that want to set up a presence in the Netherlands
Brabant Development Agency (BOM), OostNL and Brainport Development provide international companies with information and practical assistance free of charge.

We help you set up your business in a fast, flexible and transparent manner by:
- Providing you with all the information you need about the regional business climate
- Connecting and introducing you to a transparent network of reliable service providers
- Introducing you to our large and valuable network for the development of your core business

Our services, all provided on a confidential basis, include:
- Real estate search, providing insight and data on site selection and logistics strategies
- Personal guidance on matters such as available incentives, permit procedures, tax structures
- Identifying the right talent and other human resource issues
- Introducing you to a variety of Dutch networks and service suppliers in business, to government authorities at national and regional levels, to academic and private sector consultants, and to others central to the investment process
- Connecting you to innovation programs and consortia of companies
- Introducing you to networks for developing your business
- Dedicated matchmaking to the relevant connections in our ecosystem, related to suppliers; enabling technologies; contract R&D partners; manufacturing & industrialization; innovation programs, consortia; networks for business development; shared R&D facilities like labs, testbeds.

Soft-landing options offered by campuses
Several campuses and business centers in the Netherlands provide a special partnership to companies interested in joining the ecosystem of integrated photonics. In the south of the Netherlands, the region called Brainport Eindhoven, the High Tech Campus and Automotive Campus have special offers for foreign companies. In the Eastern part of the Netherlands the Noviotech Campus, Kennispark Twente and the Gallery do the same.
In a trial period of two months, they arrange a unique, full service introduction program for you and your company with a free workplace. They will connect you to all relevant parties in their successful open innovation network.  The program includes:
- Free temporary branch office
- Plug and play environment
- Two months, for a maximum of two persons
- Dedicated Senior Account Manager from the campus to assure a soft landing
- A tailor-made introduction program to their high-tech network
- Opportunities to speak at campus events
- Membership Campus Business Club.

Additional services for start-ups: facilitation & visa
The Netherlands has traditionally been a country that welcomes entrepreneurial spirits. Often these promising start-ups have limited financial resources to reside and live in the Netherlands. A start-up visa might be a solution. With this visa a lowered threshold of proof of financial means of  €15.000 is sufficient. To qualify for a residence permit for startups you must meet a number of criteria.
Brainport Development and OostNL are so-called facilitators, that support the entrepreneur(s) in getting their (1 year) visa for the Netherlands and in developing their business here once the program starts. Services include:
- Assisting in setting up the company in their region and support in retrieving the visa
- Providing advice/coaching on the business plan and business model;
- Advising the startup on attracting funding
We are there to assist you in developing your business


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