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Europe’s largest integrated photonics companies call on the EU to support building a resilient supply chain for photonic ICs

Group of CEOs present the EU Commission with a €4.25 billion plan to support growth of industry which is critical to applications including high speed internet, data security, autonomous vehicles and quantum computing. Eindhoven, Netherlands; 7th November 2023: CEOs from eight* of Europe’s largest integrated photonics companies have presented Thomas Skordas, Deputy Director-General, DG Connect,

Director Subsidy Programmes 

Are you ready to make an impact in an area that is set to dominate the next generation of tech hardware? PhotonDelta needs you to further accelerate the industry of photonic chips!  About PhotonDelta  PhotonDelta is a growth accelerator for the photonic chip industry. Photonic chips, also known as Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs), are chips

Comprehensive roadmap to drive the integrated photonics industry forward unveiled

Eindhoven, the Netherlands; Massachusetts, USA; 25th March 2024: More than 400 technology, academic and industrial organisations from around the world have contributed to a new integrated photonics roadmap led by foundation PhotonDelta and the Microphotonics Center at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT). IPSR-I provides a technology roadmap and a clear way forward for building

Superlight Photonics’ ‘white’ laser set to revolutionise imaging

Enschede-based startup Superlight Photonics has developed a broadband-laser chip that can replace the bulky and power-hungry technology currently used in advanced imaging and metrology equipment. The idea popped into his head while moving the remainder of his belongings from Germany to his new home in Enschede. During his PhD research at the Department of Ultrafast

PhotonDelta invests in Spectrik, an integrated photonics venture addressing nitrogen crisis

Eindhoven, 01-11-2023 – PhotonDelta has invested in deep-tech venture Spectrik, currently in HighTechXL’s venture building program. Spectrik is developing an integrated photonics gas sensor to measure real time ammonia emissions at livestock farms, including dairies and pork producers. By demonstrating the precise measurement of ammonia at the farm level to policymakers, officials and environmental services,

ECOC Exhibition 2023

The ECOC Exhibition 2023 takes place at the SEC in Glasgow, Scotland, from 2 to 4 October. The exhibition is the networking destination for the optical communications industry. Over 3 days industry professionals can meet, share ideas, discuss trends, learn and do business. The exhibition has been running for over 28 years and has grown

Semiconductor industry economic mission to Phoenix and Silicon Valley

Are you globally active in the semiconductor industry? Would you like to know more about the innovation ecosystem in the United States and looking for business opportunities? Taking part in the economic mission to Phoenix and Silicon Valley, from 3 to 8 December 2023 might very well be the opportunity for you. Government involvement Prime

PhotonDelta & OnePlanet Research Center Serve Up New Industry Roadmap for Agrifood

Sustainable food production and distribution using integrated photonic microchips are top of the menu in a new roadmap from leading photonics experts and researchers. Wageningen, Netherlands – PhotonDelta and OnePlanet Research Center have today launched the ‘Integrated Photonics for Agrifood’ roadmap during the Post Harvest Unlimited Conference (PHUC) at Wageningen University, the Netherlands. It was

QMware and QuiX Quantum to establish the first fully integrated Hybrid Quantum Computing Data Center

Enschede, Netherlands – QMware and QuiX Quantum collaborate to develop the first fully integrated, hybrid quantum-classical platform in Enschede, the Netherlands, where QuiX Quantum’s headquarters are located. The hybrid architecture integrates high-performance computing (HPC) infrastructure with native quantum computing technology onsite for the first time globally. The new data center is expected to be fully

Integrated Photonics for Agrifood

Feeding the world’s future population – an estimated 10 billion people by 2050 –  requires a fundamental change in farming and food production practices. From field to the fork, sustainable farming is no longer an aspiration – it’s a necessity.  Under the umbrella of ‘agrifood’; the agriculture, food retail, food processing, and food service markets

IPSR-I Autumn Meeting 2023

Over 400 academic and industrial experts from across the globe work together to create the Integrated Photonics Systems Roadmap – International (IPSR-I) to define the future of Photonic Integrated Circuits. On 7 – 9 November these experts will come together for the IPSR-I Autumn Meeting in Eindhoven, the Netherlands. The IPSR-I Autumn Meeting 2023 Also

IPSR-I Spring Meeting 2023

Over 400 academic and industrial experts from across the globe, working in the field of photonic chips and its applications, work together to create the Integrated Photonics Systems Roadmap – International (IPSR-I). A roadmap that defines the future of Photonic Integrated Circuits. The IPSR-I Spring Meeting 2023 brings these experts back together physically at MIT

IPSR-I Presents: Autumn Meeting 2022 Round-Up

One of the highlights of PIC Summit Europe 2022, was the autumn meeting of the Integrated Photonics Systems Roadmap – International (IPSR-I). Bringing together industry representatives, leading academics, and chip manufacturers from around the world, the event was another important step towards delivering integrated photonics killer applications by 2035.  IPSR-I Roadmapping Director, Peter van Arkel,

EFFECT Photonics Partners with Fabrinet to Scale Production of Highly Integrated Optical Solutions

Eindhoven, The Netherlands — EFFECT Photonics, a leading developer of highly integrated optical solutions, announced today that it has selected Fabrinet as its manufacturing partner for its integrated optical sub-assemblies. Fabrinet is a global leader in high-precision optical, electronic and mechanical manufacturing services, and a proven partner for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) worldwide. As a

What is a Photonic Integrated Circuit?

A photonic integrated circuit (PIC) is a microchip containing two or more photonic components which form a functioning circuit, hence also called photonic chip. Photonic components utilise photons (or particles of light) as opposed to electrons. As they move at the speed of light, photons have a wide bandwidth and minimal energy loss, making them

PITC launches Metrology program to drastically reduce the cost of photonic chips

Integrated photonics will have a sustainable impact on society, but its adoption is hampered by long product development cycles and limited production throughput. Improving and scaling measurement and test technology are crucial for accelerating the uptake of integrated photonics. To address these challenges, the Photonic Integration Technology Center has launched the Metrology program, aimed at

IPSR-I Presents: Spring Meeting 2022 Round-Up

With the next IPSR-I Roadmap Meeting scheduled for November 2022 at the PIC Summit Europe in Eindhoven, we provide a round-up of the spring meeting, and take a look ahead at what’s to come this autumn. Join the IPSR-I Roadmap Meeting on November 8th by registering via PIC Summit Europe. The previous IPSR-I Roadmap event in

MantiSpectra and Vestel cooperate to make home appliances smarter

The Eindhoven-based start-up MantiSpectra has signed a framework agreement with Vestel group to validate and accelerate the use of spectral sensing technologies in the domain of Smart Home appliances. MantiSpectra, a deep tech spin-off of Eindhoven University of Technology, has recently developed ChipSense™, a photonic chip that will revolutionize the spectrometer landscape and has the


SEMICON Europa 2022 is co-located with Electronica in Munich, Germany, creating the strongest single event for electronics manufacturing in Europe, and broadening the range of attendees across the electronics chain. The theme of this year is: Accelerating the Digital Transformation. SEMICON Europa is organised in the Messe München exhibition center. What to expect at SEMICON Europa:

Start prototyping

A Photonic Integrated Circuit (PIC) requires the right level of maturity before it can be taken to market. Like any other product, this takes rigorous prototyping and testing. That’s why the PhotonDelta ecosystem has cost-effective solutions for prototyping photonic chips for use in a range of devices. Why is prototyping so important for photonic chips?

Join our ecosystem

The PhotonDelta ecosystem: a vibrant community of investors, tech companies, and end-users innovating next generation solutions in integrated photonics. Our growing network pioneers the research, design, development, and manufacture of photonics technology. Our ecosystem thrives through the ongoing activities of its members Through our shared mission, we play a part in the creation of innovative

PIC International Conference

PIC International is a global conference dedicated to the industry of Photonic Integrated Circuits (PICs). This edition will take place from 28 to 29 June 2022 in Brussels, Belgium. Attendees to the conference will hear from industry-leading insiders delivering more than 30 presentations spanning five sectors. The conference will equip delegates with an up-to-date overview

New investment helps TU/e spinoff MicroAlign to speed up technology and product development

Eindhoven – A new investment by PhotonDelta and the Smart Industries TTT Fund that is managed by Innovation Industries will help TU Eindhoven spinoff MicroAlign speed up its technology and product development. MicroAlign will use the funds to optimize the quality of optical fiber-to-chip connections at packaging and start exploring the market opportunities. Photonics is

The Role of Integrated Photonics for Future 5G Networks

Data usage and, thus, data traffic over the mobile and fibre networks is growing exponentially every year. While the currently used optical transmission solutions are reaching their limits, a new technology is ready to be implemented. Traditional photonics use manipulation of light to generate, detect, or process information. More recently, integrated photonics has shown the

MIT AIM Academy and PhotonDelta present the Integrated Photonics Systems Roadmap

The 2020 Integrated Photonics System Roadmap – International (IPSR-I) is a global reference document that reveals the full potential of integrated photonics. It has been released jointly by MIT’s Initiative for Knowledge and Innovation in Manufacturing (IKIM) in Cambridge, which runs the AIM Photonics Academy project and PhotonDelta, based in Eindhoven, Netherlands. It charts the

Start of Photonics Assembly Consortium: PODIUM

A unique ecosystem to accelerate and standardize the packaging of integrated photonics. Today Chip Integration Technology Center (CITC), Tegema, PI (Physik Instrumente) and PHIX released their new Photonics Assembly Consortium called PODIUM, funded by PhotonDelta and CITC. The name PODIUM refers to PIC Open Development Infrastructure for Universal Markets. The consortium runs a program in

Photonics Digital Innovation Hub secures €19 million to boost SME growth and ensure EU jobs

PhotonHub Europe – a new pan-European photonics digital innovation hub –has been awarded €19 million investment from the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme. PhotonHub Europe will help European SMEs and mid-caps become highly competitive digital businesses through faster and smarter deployment of photonics-based technologies, directly creating over 1.000 new high-tech EU jobs and nearly €1 billion

PHIX welcomes new investor PhotonDelta

With the addition of PhotonDelta as a shareholder, PHIX further secures its position as a leading packaging and assembly foundry within the European integrated photonics ecosystem. PhotonDelta also provides PHIX with long term financing for equipment purchases necessary to ramp up production of optoelectronic modules. This is made possible by PhotonDelta’s funding partners: Brainport Development

Dutch industrial partners in integrated photonics collaborate on PICs in space

At the end of April, the Dutch consortia of the PhotonDelta Flagship project jointly kicked off the project. The project addresses the realization of a robust and versatile hybrid integrated photonics platform that provides scalable solutions for a suite of applications. Moreover, with two proven technology platforms within the Netherlands, InP and TriPleX, the PhotonDelta

Visit Ambassador of Ireland

Last Thursday the Ambassador of Ireland, Mr. Kevin Kelly, along with leaders from its two most important trade organizations, Enterprise Ireland and IDA Ireland, visited the Brainport region. PhotonDelta presented its strategy and its integrated photonics supply chain. In addition to that, the Irish visitors experienced a tour around Philips Innovation Centre and presentations from EIT Digital, EIT Health and

Successful PhotonDelta Day!

We look back at a successful event, with lively and good discussions on how to grow our integrated photonics industry! The team of PhotonDelta would like to express our appreciation and thank you for attending our first of many PhotonDelta days! We had over 125 attendees with various backgrounds: specialized in integrated photonics, high tech

Technobis attracts long-term financing to accelerate roll-out of Integrated Photonic Sensing solutions

Active Capital Company (ACC), PhotonDelta and ABN AMRO support integrated photonic sensing market leader by providing financing to support growth. Integrated photonics is a key enabling technology that provides unparalleled technological solutions to help solve scientific, economical and societal challenges. In line with these developments, Technobis is accelerating the commercialization of next generation, PIC-activated (Photonic

EFFECT Photonics receives funding

EFFECT Photonics has secured €5M in funding from PhotonDelta to support its growing business. The funds will be used to further accelerate product development and business scale-up, and thereby strengthens the integrated photonics ecosystem. EFFECT Photonics’ CEO James Regan says the Internet of Things, virtual reality, and cloud services are growing in popularity every day,

PhotonDelta Lands €1.1 Billion To Usher in a New Generation of Semiconductor Technology

Eindhoven, Netherlands – PhotonDelta, a cross-border ecosystem of photonic chip technology organisations, has, subject to conditions*, landed €1.1 billion in public and private investment to transform the Netherlands into the leader of next generation semiconductors. Capital from the Netherland’s Ministry of Economic Affairs and Climate Policy and other organisations will be used to build 200

Twenty years in the making, the photonic big bang is near

Over the past two decades, on more than one occasion the time seemed right for integrated-photonics technology to move beyond niche applications. Now finally, everything is lined up for that to happen, says Lionix International CEO Arne Leinse. It will require one more bold investment push, however. What will Lionix International look like in ten

High-end technology supplier of products and systems Demcon joins PhotonDelta’s integrated photonics ecosystem

Recently, PhotonDelta signed a partner agreement with Demcon, a leading Dutch R&D partner for high-end technology with headquarters in Enschede and offices in Best, Delft, Groningen, Maastricht, Münster and Singapore. The addition of Demcon to PhotonDelta’s ecosystem will reinforce the Dutch integrated photonic systems supply-chain with their system-level design, development and engineering services across various

PhotonDelta and Innovation Industries invest in groundbreaking optical spectroscopy start-up: MantiSpectra

Together with Innovation Industries, PhotonDelta invests seed capital in MantiSpectra, a recent spin-off from Eindhoven University of Technology. MantiSpectra is developing an innovative near infrared (NIR) spectrometer technology using photonic integrated chips. Spectrometers can measure the chemical composition of a sample by using light. Current solutions tend to be bulky, expensive and need to be